FD-0.Let’s make probiotic rice water!

Hi Everyone!
Thank you for joining my online workshop!

The workshop will start next week on Monday, so I just wanted to introduce myself and give you some homework: 

++How to make a probiotic rice water++

Here is a special event for people who join this group earlier.
As you may know, most of the fermentation takes a time to make.
We still have a week to actually make Doburoku, so let’s use this time to make probiotic rice water!

By the way, this is a special post, and next post will be next week on Monday, which is the 1st day of the Doburoku workshop.

This is how my workshop works:
‘No picture, no movie to explain, minimum but enough information will be givien ‘

You may don’t know why you do it now,
But let’s try!!

How to make probiotic rice water


-1 cup of white rice
-500mlL of plastic pop juice bottle
-1 tablespoon of suger (white suger is preferrable)

1. Pour the water to the rice and rinse softy
2. drain the water, and add new water to the rice (about 500ml)
3. rinse well so that the water become cloudy.
4. drain the cloudy water in a separate container, add 1 tsp of sugar
5. mix well to melt the sugar, replace the suger water into the plastic bottle.
6. place the lid on top, seal tight!

How about the washed rice? please cook and enjoy for dinner 🙂
Please don’t open the lid until next week, right before the doburoku making.

When you prepared the bottle, please take a pics and post on the group page. I would like to see how you’re doing, and will give some advice if needed.

Do you get some idea how my workshop is going to be?

So, here you go.

Welcome to my Online Doburoku Workshop!!!

Have a nice day 🙂