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my little dream..was gone

I got this carboy for free.When I found this at first time, I though they would throw away. so, I rescued it before they do. Fermentation is too fun and there are so many things that I want to try. Brewing is always in my 'wants to do list' but since I can't drink basically… Continue reading my little dream..was gone

Workshop report

Voice from participants

voices from participants: Question: good things about this workshop?-Great atmosphere, good group size. The miso master was funny and very knowledgeable.-Learning about something new, hands on, feel ready to try it at home. Question: Do you remember anything which made you impressed from the workshop? Or is there anything you strongly remember from the workshop?-The… Continue reading Voice from participants

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Moromi miso

Moromi miso is usually made with Barley koji (and sometimes soybean koji.I used green koji spore for making Barley koji. This koji spore is made especially for making Moromi miso(kinzanji-miso) I usually don't like to use other than white color koji because it's totally looks like ’(bad) mold’ ... I know, I know. I am… Continue reading Moromi miso