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Nakaji’s Koji Making class for professional chefs

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Mr. Nakaji, Japanese Koji expert is coming to Toronto. Mr. Nakaji is hosting an advanced course for professional chefs and cooks that teaches them how to make koji from scratch.

Who is Nakaji?
Here is his profile:

expert of koji culture / Koji teacher

Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design Ceramic Course. After learning traditional performing arts (wadaiko, dance, and song) at Kodo Cultural Foundation, he studied cooking and self-sufficient lifestyle under a cooking expert, Ms. Deco Nakajima. He had engaged in natural brewing sake at Terada-Honke as a Kuroudo (head sake brewer) for 8 years, and learnt fermentation and philosophy of life from Mr Keisuke Terada. Through brewing sake, he acquired fundamental knowledge of koji mold and fermentation. He started his own business and actively works to convey a low of koji and fermentation, organizing seminars related to Koji, fermentation, bodywork, and meditation.

Koji workshop English report→


Mr .Nakaji has a facebook page called “puku puku fermentation club”, which attracts more than 7000 members, and his online Koji Academy has 120 students registered from across the world. Mr. Nakaji constantly shares the most updated information with those students. Shiori Kajiwara, the Toronto’s workshop coordinator is one of 10 certified Koji specialist graduated from Mr. Nakaji’s online Academy. Mr. Nakaji has published multiple recipe books about koji and fermentation in Japan.

Last year, Mr. Nakaji traveled across Europe, and hosted 16 workshops in seven countries. This year, he tours North America, and decided Toronto to be the kick off city! After Toronto workshop, he will leave for New York City, where he plans to host five workshops including the one for professional chefs. His travel schedule will be Toronto, New York City, Portlant, Seattle, L.A, and finally Austin for over three weeks.


workshop information:

Nakaji’s Koji Making class for professional chefs
Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Time: 10am – 3pm (4hours)
Place: Skippa
Fees: $150

Course description:

-How to make Koji at restaurant kitchen
-How to make big amount of koji stably.
more detail in temperture, moisture, and timeline.
– preservation method, processing method
– application to your cooking
– How to distinguish amylase and protease
– How to use different kind of koji spore
– use of enzymes according to food and ingredients
– Teach working principle of enzyme on the premise of making and using in the restaurant kitchen

He is going to teach more details of temperature, moisture setting by timeline as well as function of enzyme, so that chefs can convert the principles to their own ideas.

Please contact: Shiori –

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