All about Miso

This is a workshop for Miso making. 
You will learn not only how to make Miso but also some lecture about various kind of miso, how they’re different, how they affect your health.

Very important key to ferment Miso is Koji. The mold. MOLD? 
Don’t worry, I will teach you how much they’re important for us, how much they related with us since ancient days. You will learn about microbes which related to creat Koji, the starter of the Miso fermentation. 

Workshop at skippa: $75

Online course available: $200

Do you live far from Toronto? 
Are you always busy and can’t go to take workshop?
You want to learn slowly in your pace to learn and deeply know about Miso?

I am available to run workshop through Online!
I will provide a program to run through e-mail or group chat( it it’s group online program) to let you to make Miso by yourself in your kitchen!
The process runs quite slowly to explain exactly what you need, how to make miso until the day we set up to make Miso. I will support not only the day you make miso but also the day you open your own miso and taste!

Good point is that you can’t escape  😉
I will check how you’re doing during the session.

This will bring you more in depth of understanding about making Miso because you actually have to do everything by yourself. Once you’ve done by yourself, you won’t forget forever!
Making miso is totally easy. Hopefully this online course bring more people a chance to touch with Miso.