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Koji Flower Online Class


Let’s learn

EVERYTHING you want to learn

about Koji Fermentation


on your own pace!


You will be invited to Facebook page to join the group page, or if you don’t prefer Facebook, I will give you a link from my Homepage.

You will be able to stay the Facebook group page for a month, and you will study and proceed making koji products at your pace.  The instructor will be contact with you, so don’t worry, we will support you from the beginning to learn and make the koji products until it completed!
You will be feel free asking any questions to the instructor anytime.

This class is included one hour consultation with your instructor through Zoom to counselling your fermentation journey.  (means we can talk/discuss about anything related with koji fermentation as you request.)




+++ Here is what we different from other online classes +++

  1.  All materials and instruction will be provided through online, so that you can proceed your own pace.
  2. We can give you a Zoom counselling time specifically for you according to your interest.
    ex: If you would like to know more detail about what you make, we can talk about it,
    if you’re specifically would like to know more about health benefit, we can talk about it too.
    or for people who is belong to food industrial, we can bring more information according to your interest.
  3. you will be able to stay Facebook Community Group called “Japanese Koji Fermentator Village” – free to join – after you’ve done taking classes.  There are many Japanese Koji Fermentation Advisors in the community, and you will be able to communicate with people who want to continue learning about Japanese Koji Fermentation.For register, question, or comments, please use the form below:
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