FD-4. Free Doburoku Workshop – prep4 -please repot me

Good morning Everyone! It’s Shiori.

Another beautiful day in Toronto!
Have you read the post talked about Rice koji yesterday?

Did you get an idea of where and how to get your Rice Koji?

Also I posted the video which was broadcast in Japan a couple of days ago. It talks about Japanese fermentation, not only koji but also any other kinds too. It must interest you for sure.

+++ making Doburoku on Friday, April 17 at 6 pm +++

Let’s say we’re going to start making Doburoku together on Friday at 6 pm! It must be fun to do together and observe what is going to happen, but don’t worry if you won’t be able to make it on Friday night. Still I would like to know how you’re doing, so please report me once you start.

+++review of ingredients and tools you need+++

I already told that on Monday, but has anyone who is already prepared them all? If you are, I would like to see it.

Please report me:

1. What kind of rice are you going to use?

2. Will you use the rice cooker, or steamer? (show me!)

3. Have you get the container for doburoku?(show me!)

4. What do you use for lactic acid bacteria and yeast?

  -lactic acid – “probiotic rice water”, or “whey from yogurt”

-yeast – “dry yeast for baking”

I’m still waiting to hear from you all!