BE-4 Bodaimoto Online – main preparation

1.Divide the Soyashi mizu into Otai, rice, and water.

First of all, how to proceed the Otai
Remove the Otai from the jar. Make sure to rinse out all the rice grains stuck to the cloth in the jar and squeeze it tightly.
Remove the inside of the Otai from the cloth and mix it with a bit of koji to make a “lactic acid bacteria Otai paste”
(Your Otai is almost gone? That’s fine, let’s go next step)

How to proceed the filtered water
Place the rice in a colander and pour only the water part back into the bottle (don’t discard the water!).

Put the 250g of rice koji in the jar with the water and make “Mizu(water) Koji”
Leave it for about an hour to let the enzymes from the Rice Koji dissolve in the water.

How to proceed the strained rice (don’t wash it!)
Drain and steam the rice (about 40 minutes, depending on your steamer)
Until the core is gone, soft enough to feel the taste good.

2.Main preparation

Put the steamed rice in the jar where the water(mizu) koji is being made.
Put the steamed rice, which has cooled to about human skin temperature, into the jar and mix it thoroughly.
Cover the lactic acid otai paste.

  • The ideal brewing temperature is not less than 20 °C. The warmer the temperature, the more saccharification will occur.
  • Mix and taste once a day.
  • When the fermentation starts and the bubbling stops, it is ready to use.
  • filter the Doburoku, and keep refrigerate.
  • This liquid called syubo(mother of the sake)酒母

You can drink it as is and enjoy it.
You can also use it as 「酒母」and proceed to the next stage of brewing.

Or, you can add amazake to increase the amount.
You can also make “endless doburoku” by adding rice, koji, and water.

When the alcoholic fermentation just won’t start….

When it is happened. Don’t worry, I will bring you a next plan.
When things doesn’t work well, you usually understand more about it.
Since there is no alcoholic fermentation, we need to help the yeast to work so that alcoholic fermentation can occur.
  1. If you think the moromi is too sweet, try adding more water (a little at a time!)
  2. Add natural sake (sake without multiple distilled alcohol) = add yeast.
  3. add a little yeast = add yeast
  If that doesn’t work…. Try again from the beginning!

Usually, the second attempt is pretty successful.

I will be with you until the alcohol fermentation starts successfully.
Don’t be discouraged, try again!

I look forward seeing to see your report!