BE-1 Bodaimoto Online – 1  Welcome!

(Aramasa Syuzo 新政酒造 )

Welcome to Bodaimoto Online


This class was created as an upgraded version of Easy Doburoku Online class which was held in February 2021. Now, I think we’ve gotten used to alcoholic fermentation.
This time, we will be making Doburoku using bacterias that naturally exist around you.
You will experience the process of creating something from scratch….ZERO to One.


Since this is the very first link to be sent, I would like to explain a rough outline of the flow of this class.

Everything is going to be run by using the Facebook Group page.
I will ask you to get the tools and ingredients you need.
Ask me anything if you are unclear.
You will create an event page to report how you are doing.
I will respond to all of your reports.

The links from the website, which I will announce in the future, will be listed in the ‘Guide’ section on the Facebook group page.

Please use the group page as a textbook, and refer back to the textbook if you have any questions.

Facebook group page:

Please start preparing your own tools and equipment at your own pace.
We are going to start making “Soyashi mizu”(mizu means water)
It will be ideal if your Soyashi mizu is ready to use for honshikomi(main preparation of Sake) onthe day of the Zoom lecture, which will be May 13, 2021

I will explain how to make Soyashi mizu in the next link which will be sent tomorrow.
While you make Soyashi mizu, you may have a lot of ‘Why?’ in your mind.
I won’t explain more detail than just “how to make Soyashi mizu” at this moment,

so simply look and feel what you have in front of you.

Zoom Lecture Day

The Zoom lecture will be held:
On Thursday, May 13, 2021, 3:00 PM – (EPT)

The lecture will be recorded so you can review it later.

I will talk about:
What is Soyashi mizu?
A detailed explanation of Honjikomi(main preparation), the mechanism of bacteria for Sake making
The state of sake in Japan and the the world
The history and culture of sake

In addition, we would like to deepen our knowledge by observing our soyashi mizu, by thinking about why we are making this way, what we should do next while incorporating the experiences of others.

I hope we will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the process – This is not possible just by looking at the process on paper.

After the lecture

If you think your Soyashi mizu is ready, I want you to move on to the next step, main preparation of making Sake
Please try what you have learned.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them on the Facebook group page. Answering someone’s questions can often be very helpful to others. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
Compare to making Miso, Mirin, Amazake, and Shoyu, Bodaimoto is going to be quite tricky and unstable. I believe that each person will make something different, depending on their environment.

It will be more fun if you actively participate in the conversation with everyone!
Most likely, what you are struggling with is the same as what others are struggling with.
So, please be bold and ask.

Now, let’s get started!

2021.May 4
Shiori Kajiwara