(Shoyu)E1 About Tools and Ingredients

I am going to explain about tools and ingredients you need to know.
Everything is simple and nothing special…don’t worry!

All what you need is

Shoyu koji ‐ 500g 

Jars or containers ‐ 1.5L or bigger size

Salt ‐ 182g Any kind of Salt is fine

Water ‐ 800g Any kind of watter is fine. Use your favorite!

Shoyu Koji

JKFA(Japanese Koji Fermentation Advisor) is going to prepare Shoyu koji for you!
I will connect with one of our members to you, so please connect with them directly to get your Shoyu koji.
They can make any kind of koji, and koji products too. Please ask them directly what they have for stock.

If you live far from Toronto, don’t wory!
We can ship the koji by mail.

If you live outside of Canada,
I will introduce koji Specialist who lives close to you.
they may ship the Shoyu koji for you~!

If you would like to order more Shoyu koji, that’s possible too.
Original size is the above. If you would like to make double amount, simply order double amount of the Shoyu koji.

In this moderen and convenient world, you can get anything anywhere…

However, you still won’t be able to find a place to buy Shoyu koji anywhere in North America…
even from Amazon!

JKFA is the only group who can make not only Shoyu koji, but also Rice koji, mame(soybean) koji and speciality koji such as koji for mirin, koji for sake, koji for miso who lives close to you!

Our first year Making shoyu is going to be like this…..everything is not clear and just stir the shoyu
Once you get used to make Shoyu, let’s make more…but not big amount at once, but little by little.

I want you to try ferment 2 years, and 3 years to see how your Shoyu will change.

Jars or Contaiers

You can use any kind of Jar or containers to make Shoyu as long as the size is more than 1.5L.

I recommend you to find anythig tall, so that you can see what’s going on from the side.
At the same time, the entrance of the jar is better to small. You will know why later.

Because this is such a long fermentation, a glass jar is better than plastic, but plastic is really convenient to use.
if you can shake the container to mix the inside, your care of the Shoyu is going to be quite easy.
Shake the plastic container is much easier/safer than shaking glass jar, but at least the lid of the jar/container is plastic, may be convenient.


As you can imagine easily, Shoyu will be saltier if you use strong salt(rough salt) If you use mild salt, the Shoyu taste is going to be mild.
I am not talking about either strong salt is better or not. This is just what you like.
Any kind of salt is good. Try what you like!


Of course water affects the Shoyu, but let’s start easy way!
You can use any kind of water you want.
If you think you want to use expensive water / high quality of water, please do so!
Even just filtered water, should be fine too!

Tools you need

Digital Scale

Stick to stir the Shoyu

That all you need at this moment…
When the time come to filter the Shoyu, I will let you know next step


Gulten free Shoyu is available.
If you would like to try, please let your JKFA know.

What else can you order when you order Shoyu koji:

Rice Koji
Soybeans, if you want to make Miso, tofu, natto etc
Barley koji
Mame koji(soybean miso)
Any kind of koji products, please ask your JFKA for availability


Next, I will talk about how to prepare your Shoyu