(Feb2021EN)-preparation2 – Sterilization

About sterilization

In general, the book said you need to sterilize everything before you start fermentation. This always brings my motivation down because I’m quite a lazy person!

In the beginning, I thought this was not necessary because we already live in a clean environment compare to 100 years ago. However, I noticed, that’s not the point!

Now I know how important it is, but I would like to emphasize it differently.

Cleaning is the key to your fermentation

Wash well with running water before use WITHOUT using household chemicals. 

This a minimum borderline of cleaning, and this is mostly enough!

Wash well all tools, wipe well with a clean cloth if you can’t wash with running water.
You’ve cleaned the container, but is that enough?
How about the place you are going to make fermentation?
Please also clean the area that you will use.

That being said….CLEAN THE ENTIRE ROOM!

As you may know, every fermentation creates a different taste, which is up to the place, the people, and the environment. In other words, it is up to the kind of microbes that are surrounding there. 
Imagine yourself walking through the woods, and you feel the nice fresh air.

That’s the feeling of microbes.

When you come close to the baby, you can smell the sweet, slightly sour smell. That’s the smell of lactic bacteria which fully covers the baby’s skin. 
If you can rent a baby’s hand somewhere to mix the soy milk, you can make soy yogurt! Even making Doburoku, let the baby stir the Doburoku. It will taste different…..Try it when you have a chance!

Microbes are everywhere, floating like in a rush-hour train. Not only the outside of your body but also in the inside of your body. 
Pretty much EVERYWHERE.

Have you ever heard that the bacteria in your guts controls your mind? Not only your mind, but they also create our organs, they help our function, they control everything in our body INSIDE OUT.

And you can control the microbes to make you feel good, or sad even sick.


How have you been in this covid time?
Do you feel depressed or pressured by this closed environment?

Let’s open up the window! Clean your room!
Bring a nice fresh breeze from outside to run through your room.
When your room is filled with good bacteria, you will feel nice and fresh,

Just like standing in the woods.

This is the reason why I decided to do this workshop for free during this hard time.
Knowing fermentation means a lot. Not only learning how to. 
The wisdom from ancestors.
People’s habit creates cultures. It becomes an identity.
We are what we eat. We are how we grow.
And we can choose what we want to be.

By the way, how do we differentiate good and bad bacteria?
Do the good bacteria hope our happy life, and bad bacteria want us to suffer?

They just do whatever they’re supposed to do.
Don’t hate the bad bacteria.

They also have an important role in our bodies.

The important thing here is….Do not break the balance. 

We both need good and bad to make a perfect balance, and believe or not, this world is created to be good. Similar to the way a superhero always wins in the end, justice always wins in the end! 
We can see this in our natural healing system in the body as well.
And I don’t wanna forcibly change the balance.

This is how I approach when I do acupuncture, posture training, and teaching fermentation. 

How do alcoholic fermentations play the role of microbes? 

After you completed preparing, lactic bacterial is the first one that comes out to do their job. They kill unwanted bacterias and make everything sour.

Once all the unwanted bacterias are gone, yeast comes out, starts to eat starch, and ‘pees’, which is alcohol!!

Here’s today’s summery

●Cleaning is the #1 concern when it comes to fermentation. So, please wash it with running water or wipe with cloth without household chemicals
●clean the entire room!
●Lactic bacteria is the first ones to play a role – they make everything sour and kill unwanted bacteria

●Yeast eats gulcose and creates alcohol + gas

●Sterilizing solutions: Let’s put everything in a dishwasher with high heat and let the machine do the work! 

Try not to look only at the part, but look at the whole.
Sterilization of the tools is just part of it.
Once you’ve cleaned your entire room, you will be pretty much good to go.

I believe this indicates the importance of the things that I wanted to tell you,
more than just teaching ‘how to’

Now it’s your turn to make Doburoku.
Let’s try to make it when you’re ready!