(Feb2021)FD-2.Free doburoku workshop – What is Koji??

For those of you who don’t know anything about koji, let me explain to you a little.

Rice koji refers to koji microbes grown on steamed rice.
The scientific name for koji is Aspergillus orzae. It is a member of the Aspergillus family of moulds and is found all over the world. Koji is a human-friendly mould.

oji produces tons of enzymes when they grow on the grains. That being said, the rice koji itself is just solid of enzymes. We use that enzyme to make many different kinds of koji condiments, such as miso, sake, soy sauce, mirin, amazake, and so on.

The book from China published around 1800 years ago, said that in Japan, there were no discriminations. It said that the Japanese always drink sake and happy people. People live long as some are 80, 90, even 100 years old.
The climates in Japan are suitable for fermentation, and fermentation is people’s wisdom and everyday life to survive.

The first business of making ’koji spore’(tane-koji) and sell to the public has started back in 600 years ago in Japan.
This must be the first bio-business in the world!!
There is no doubt that Koji biology has been instrumental in the development of Japan’s fermentation culture.

If you’ve never seen Koji before or never used before, it must be a bit scary for you to start.
However, that’s why I am here for you, running a workshop. It won’t start if you don’t get yours and respond me back!

Why don’t you simply buy it using this free opportunity to start your koji fermentation journey starting Doburoku?


Here is the list of stores that you can buy koji. 

Also, there are koji flower advanced members who can make Koji will sell it for you.

If you want to discover the store, strongly recommended to call them to make sure if they still have the stock.

If you don’t know any idea what to do, just simply comment/direct message me!

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