Mirin online #5 preparation – con’tn

Ladies and gentlemen!
I’m here again today~!

Well, today is the same as yesterday, with additional information about tools and materials.

I’ll check the tools again. Do you all have them?
A white cloth to put on the steamer (I recommend a cloth with only red lines from IKEA)
I said yesterday that it should be at least 1.65 liters, but it doesn’t matter if it’s big or 2 liters!
You can use Tupperware instead of jars. You can use Tupperware instead of jars, although I recommend vertical jars with lids because they are more fun to look at from the side, but this one won’t do anything active like blowing.

And the materials. Here are the ingredients again.
Glutinous rice (about 700g)
About 80g of malted rice.
Finally, the sake. A small 375ml bottle.

This is the minimum recipe that will be provided at the workshop.
If you want to make double or triple the amount, you will need double or triple the amount of ingredients and tools.
If you want to double or triple the amount, you will need double or triple the amount of ingredients and tools. (This will be linked tomorrow)

Glutinous rice can be anything.
The glutinous rice can be any kind of glutinous rice, although I tried to make rice cakes using a Japanese manufacturer’s glutinous rice (usually a cheaper kind with no Japanese writing on it. I’m used to making rice cakes with short glutinous rice, and it’s not bad at all). I wondered if the quality of the rice cakes from Japanese manufacturers was different. I’m not sure.
But basically, anything is fine.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to buy some glutinous rice and use the rest to make sekihan or ohagi? If you add a little of it to the rice when you cook it, it will make the rice taste better… so you can use it as a secret technique!

Finally, there is the alcohol.
The ideal level of alcohol is about 40%.
It can be as low as 35%.
Ideally, it should be shochu (distilled spirit), but if you have some on hand, please use it.
But shochu is not so common, and it’s incredibly expensive compared to Japan!

If you live in Japan, you generally use white liquor.
There are two types of shochu, A and B, but if available, B shochu (rice shochu) is the closest to the ideal.

So, for those of you in Canada who don’t have such a choice (laughs)

I think a less aromatic liquor would be more suitable.
Tequila is not suitable. (I heard that the last time they used tequila and it tasted better…)
) In that sense, I think vodka is just right.
I thought, “If I’m going to do this, why not? So I decided to stick with Ontario vodka.
I found this vodka from Ontario. But they didn’t have any small bottles.
I compared the two and found that the one below was milder than the one below. Way to go, Ontario!

But for this project, I thought it would be easier to understand if I made it in one small bottle.
I looked around for a small bottle that would be easy to make, and I found this one from Canada.

If you don’t care about Canadian products, Absolutely vodka is tasty and flavorful.
After that, I personally also like Mirin made with whiskey.
It was popular in every Mirin meeting online in the past.

If you’re going to choose whiskey, should it be from Canada?

You need to choose a liquor that doesn’t have too much of a habit, and the alcohol should be around 35~40%.
You can use any liquor as long as it meets these requirements.
If you have a favorite drink, think of it as a sweetened version of your favorite drink. Does that liquor go well with sweet drinks? If you think about it that way, it may be easier to understand.

I’m not a drinker, after all. I don’t know much about alcohol.
If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to use them. If you want to talk about something more in-depth than this, please discuss it with the participants via messenger.

In the past, there were many people who made mirin using plum wine made with strong sake, and others who made mirin using brown rice malt. Anything is possible! Everything was possible!
Please let your imagination run wild and try your own experiments.

The good thing about this online workshop is that you make your own portions, so if you want to make a lot, you can make as much as you want!

If you want to make a lot, you can make as much as you want. You can double or halve the amount for one session (although halving the amount will probably be too little to enjoy).
It might be interesting to prepare different alcoholic beverages and brew them separately.
Please feel free to think about it.