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: 味噌講習会 – Miso Workshop
: 簡単どぶろく講習会 – Easy Doburok(sake) making Workshop
: 味醂講習会 – Mirin Workshop
: 甘酒講習会 – Amazake Workshop
: 醤油講習会 – Soysauce Making Workshop
: 菩提酛講習会 – Bodaimoto Workshop (advanced Doburoku(sake) workshop)
: 麹の学校 in Toronto – Koji Academy in Toronto(how to make koji) Workshop

Do you live far from Toronto? 
Are you always busy and can’t attend workshops?
Do you want to learn slowly at your pace and or learn in depth about Koji fermentation?

My workshops are available online.
I provide a program through e-mail, website, SNS, and group chat( if it’s group online program) so that you can make it by yourself in your kitchen!

It takes some time to explain exactly what you will need and how to make until the day we set up. You will spend just about 5 min to read the email or webpage to get to know the process and you will be able to ask questions anytime.
I will support you not only on the day you actually make it but also the day that you open up and taste it!

Good point is that you can’t escape   😉 No cheating!
I will check on how you’re doing during the session.

This will offer a more in-depth understanding than a 2 hour workshop because you really have to do everything by yourself. You clearly need to know what to do, why you do, and how to proceed. Once you’ve done it by yourself, you’ll be more comfortable making it again by yourself.
Also, this is another important thing, whenever you feel like asking a question, I will be there for you to answer! Questions usually come out when you actually make it by yourself. When you take a 2-hour actual class, usually people don’t know what to ask, and when they have some questions, they usually hesitate to contact me…. and this makes people want to give up trying.

This online course may sound difficult to follow but don’t worry, most fermentation processes are quite easy (except the advanced one).
Usually, things are easy to hear/see, but hard to do!
That’s why it’s important to do it together.

If you would like challenge making it again during 2 months session, please go ahead and try as many time as you can! I will be happy to support you.

Hopefully this online course brings more people a chance to touch with Miso and Koji Japanese fermentation!