Rice Koji Yeast / 米麹酵母

米麹酵母を使ったパン作り Making a bread using Rice Koji Yeast

米麹酵母の作り方 / How to make Rice Koji yeast

ごはん/gohan(steamed rice) 25g

米麹/rice koji 10g

元種 / original Rice Koji yeast(あれば/if possible)どぶろくでも/even doburoku 小1/ 1 tbsp

水/water 25g

全部を瓶に入れて混ぜる/ add all ingredients and mix them all in a jar

毎日最低1回は蓋を開けて混ぜてね/ open up the lid and mix well at lease once a day

if you can, mix well every morning and evening( 2 times a day) when it bubble up and calm down, it should be ready to use.

一旦冷蔵庫に入れて休ませる/ place in a fridge to rest

その後は冷蔵庫にて保存/. Once is done, keep in a fridge

make a new one once a month, with an original yeast

*冷凍保存はできません / do not keep in a freezer
*たまに餌を与えないと、長生きできません / yeast needs an food to alive

末長く可愛がってあげてね/Take good care of the yeast for a long time.

プチパンのレシピ / Peptite bread

強力粉 / hard wheat flour 200g

塩 / salt 3g

砂糖 / suger 10g

水 / water 100g

酵母 / yeast 20g

全てをざっくりと混ぜたら5分ほど放置 / Mix them all and wait for about 5min.
捏ねやすくなるのでしっかり捏ねる(5分ー10分ほど)Knead them until it become easy to knead
乾燥しないように蓋付きの容器に入れて、1時発酵、倍になるまで / Keep it in a container with a lid to avoid dryness.
First fermentation until it become doubled size
約10時間ほど / takes about 10 hours

ガス抜きをして形成 / Take out of the gas and shape as you like
If you want to make Petite bread, divide it into six equal parts, form a circle, and chop the top part with scissors.
その間にバターを入れるのもよし。You can also add butter in the meantime.

2時発酵を経て(数時間) After the 2nd fermentation (about couple of hours)

200c(428F)にて10分焼く. bake 200c, 428F about 10min..

This is not a video of how to make bread using Rice Koji yeast, but I thought it may help you to have a idea how to shape them and bake.