Nagomi beauty room x Bizen Cafe Original Toso-San/屠蘇散



Nagomi beauty room x 美膳カフェ


『悪 鬼・疫病を治し、邪気・毒気を払う』とされて、一人でこれを飲めば一家に疫なく、一家でこれを飲めば一里に疫なし、元旦にこれを飲めば一年間病気にかからない」と信じられてきました。

屠蘇散の処方は、書物によって違いますが、一般的にはオケラの根(白朮)・サンショウの実・ボウフウの根 (防風)・キキョウの根(桔梗)・ニッケイの樹皮(桂皮)・ミカンの皮(陳皮)など、身体を温めたり、胃腸の働きを助けたり、風邪の予防に効果的といわれる生薬を含んでいます。



  1. 日本酒(または”本”みりん)300mlを用意します(混ぜても◎)。
  2. 屠蘇散のパッケージを開け、生薬が入ったティーバッグを1に浸けます。
  3. 2. 7~8時間漬け込みます(一晩くらい)。
  4. 生薬ティーバッグを取り出して完成です。




Nagomi beauty room x Bizen Cafe Original Toso-San/屠蘇散

In Japan, there is a custom that on New Year’s morning, families get together to greet the New Year and drink Toso first.

It is said that the word “屠蘇 toso” was named after “slaughtering evil spirits and reviving the body and soul.
It is believed to cure demons and epidemics and dispel evil spirits and poisonous spirits.

The formula for Toso-San differs from book to book, but it generally contains herbal medicines that are said to be effective in warming the body, helping the stomach and intestines, and preventing colds, such as orechora root (Baijiu), sansho nuts, bo-fu root (Bofu), bellflower root (Kikyo), Chinese cabbage bark (Cinnabar), and tangerine peel (Chen peel).

In addition, rose petals to improve blood circulation and ginger to warm the body have been added to this blend to help you endure the Canadian winter and stay healthy.

Soak it in sake or mirin on New Year’s Eve and pull it up on New Year’s Day.
Soaking in sake gives it a refreshing taste, and soaking in Mirin gives it a sweet taste.

How to make

  1. prepare 300ml of sake (or traditional mirin) (you can mix them together).
  2. Open the package of Sosu-San and soak the tea bag containing the herb in 1.
  1. Leave to soak for 7~8 hours (about overnight).
  2. Remove the teabag and you are ready to serve.

If the amount of sake and mirin is too much, soak the Toso san longer.

If you soak it for too long, it may become cloudy and precipitate may form.