Our workshops are Basically run at Skippa.


Online course is available too!

Here are part of our workshop:

味噌 All about Miso (lecture + take miso home)
糀+発酵 Discover Koji+Japanese fermentation
濁酒 Doburoku – home sake brewing –
製糀 Let’s try seikiku – making Koji (online course available)
味醂 Mirin(sweet sake) making workshop
醤油 Syoyu(soy sauce) making workshop
甘酒 Amazake, energy dynamite sweet condiments workshop
納豆 Secret of Natto
漬物 Tsukemono – Japanese pickles –
味噌仕込み Yearly Miso preparing event
お節料理 Fermented Osechi Cooking – traditional new year dish –
料理教室 Various Cooking Class