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Moromi miso

Moromi miso is usually made with Barley koji (and sometimes soybean koji.
I used green koji spore for making Barley koji. This koji spore is made especially for making Moromi miso(kinzanji-miso)

I usually don’t like to use other than white color koji because it’s totally looks like ’(bad) mold’ … I know, I know. I am too rude. I have to respect more to the koji..even though they are green, pink or black…

By the way, making Barley koji is little tricky as I have to pay extra attention to the temperature.. I don’t know how many times it went bad…

Even though you fail, don’t throw it out. Don’t give up! and ask my advice! Try to use them if it is looks not very bad. Most of the times, these koji(which failed in a middle of the process, but came back) does great job and creates quite tasty Moromi miso!

I always learn from koji not to give up, be positive, and be flexible your brain when it’s not going well. You always can go back to the road. Failing is the key to get important message!

Well, what am I talking about?

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