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We’ll start making koji through online on Sunday

Last sunday was my very first class in 2020!
We had a one day koji Academy class – mainly how to make koji, lecture and demonstrations, more detail about koji, enzyme that koji create, how koji is related with Japan and Japanese history and people and so on.
In addition, we cover a lots of cooking part, using koji products and have fun making lunch together.

Next step is let the participants to make koji by themselves.
My workshop is not only attend the class and have fun! You actually have to do it by yourself!

I will guide them what to do next, send little message everyday to cheer them up, and ask them to report how’s going every step.

Participants must be so excited to try their very first koji making…!

‘it mus be so difficult and I don’t think I can do it…?’

The first day of making koji is just wash the rice and soak in the water…that’s it!

I look forward seeing you someday 🙂

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