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Online course is coming…?

Things getteing harder these days…. Our life has been changed a lot.

To take this chance make it positive, I’ve been doing so many things that I’ve postponed, tried to ignore to face to it.

At the same time, Idea of doing onlinne courses is always stuck in my mind, thinking what is first priority for me to do at this moment.

I don’ t want to force myself to do online course, but I’m sure there are so many people who may be interested to take this chance to learn about koji, fermented food, healthier food habitual.

So, here is just some idea throwing out to the world.

General online Koji class – beginners
General online Koji class – intermediate

How to make Miso class – online
How to make doburoku(sake) class – online

How to make koji class (製麹(seikiku), making koji itself) – online

See? I still try to ignore what I suppose to face to it, and starting to do something different, something new…!

However, I know if this is not what I suppose to do now, this idea will dissapear or something will happen to stop me.

So, let me try!

Will update soon….

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